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Parent Groups in RCMS

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PAC:  Parent Advocacy Committee of Upcounty Center Math/Science & Humanities  Programs at Roberto Clemente MS and MLK

This is a group comprising of all parents in both the center programs - Humanities and Math/Science at Roberto Clemente MS and MLK MS. There are no dues associated with this group or any need to fill a membership form. You are welcome to join in the monthly meetings to exchange ideas with other center parents, the center coordinator, center teachers and school administrators. 

Meeting time:  - 3rd Thursday of every month @ 7pm in the RCMS MS Media Center.

Center Parent Yahoo Group/Listserv:     This is a free online discussion forum exclusively for Center parents in both Roberto Clemente MS and MLK MS. To request membership visit

Include the following information

  • Parent Name
  • Student Name
  • Grade
  • Center Program (Humanities or Math/Sci)
  • School (Roberto Clemente MS or/and MLK MS)


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PALA :   Padres y Alumnos Latinos en Acción La Escuela Intermedia Roberto Clemente

La Meta de PALA / Our Goal:  El éxito academico y social de los estudiantes latinos en la Escuela Intermedia Roberto Clemente. /  Promote academic and social achievement for Roberto Clemente Middle School Latino Students.

  • Mejorar las oportunidades educativas y sociales para nuestro hijos / Improve the educational and social opportunities for our children
  • Fomentar la participación de los padres en el éxito educativo / Promote parental involvement in academic success
  • Facilitar el conocimiento y la utilzación del sistema escolar para el benefiio de nuestros hijos / Facilitate knowledge and utilization of the school system by parents
  • Trabajar en conjunto con el PTSA así como el personal escolar para mejorar la educación de todos los estudiantes en la Escuela Intermedia Roberto Clemente /to work together with the PTSA and school staff to improve the education of all children at Roberto Clemente Middle School
  • ¡Todas las familias están invitadas a participar en las actividades de este grupo!  / All families are welcome to participate in this group.

New - Facebook page launched for Latino/Hispanic RCMS community 

PALA Conexión Latina   -

You do not need to have a Facebook account to view this page.


Semana de servicio, August 28-31, 2018

Gana horas de SSL!

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Investing in the education of our youth today, expands their options for success tomorrow!

Who is AAPA?

Parents and teachers dedicated to cooperatively promoting quality education for students of African and African American descent, while offering the best level of support and information to both students and parents. Our goal is to enrich our students’ journey through middle school and prepare them for high school.

What can AAPA offer you?

Through our monthly meetings we help parents/students stay connected by providing:
Informative guest speakers
Community and academic resource information
Educational field trips
Academic achievement awards
Networking opportunities

Why should you join AAPA?
We look forward to your ideas and suggestions helping AAPA continue to flourish and serve as an effective resource for our students. Together, let’s make this school year one of the most productive terms in our students’ academic career. 

AAPA Events 

  • Black History Month 
  • Formation Conference
  • Game Changer Conference
  • Annual 5K Run

How can you join AAPA?

Text: For reminders text this message @rcms-aapa to 81010 


Upcoming Events